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This script is the perfect amalgamation of two areas I am very passionate about: theatre and mental health. What started as a bit of light reading before bed, turned into a two-hour stint of intrigue and emotional pandemonium. The world Prebble has created within this script is all encompassing; the characters are raw, the themes are extremely relevant, and the room for play as a director is dauntingly limitless.   As a theatre maker, I knew from the beginning that the medical themes and distinct locations within the script would pose a logistical challenge. As a writer myself, I understand that the fast-paced nature of Prebble’s writing is extremely important and that this needs to be honoured. In order to keep the pace and allow her beautiful dialogue to shine, a stripped back approach was a bold but necessary choice both from both a design and directorial standpoint. Much of what you will see on stage has been created from natural impulse fed by Prebble’s words. It will evolve over the course of the season, these slight shifts in tone, pitch, and tempo echoing that of the human condition and the impact our actions have on one another.   Having studied counselling, I understand the struggles those with mental health issues face on a daily basis. Furthermore, I understand people’s propensity to avoid the topic all together. Prebble’s dissection of society’s view of depression and mental health was something I knew would be challenging for audiences.  The Effect brings these themes into the forefront in a sometimes soft and sometimes jarring manner. Prebble has created these beautifully complex characters, riddled with conflicting desires and crippling coping mechanisms. Working with a team of actors who have held space for these characters and their fragility has been an absolute pleasure.   So here we all are, in the present, experiencing the result of months of hard work and the general tenacity of the amazing team who has brought this script to life. I am very grateful to the cast, crew, and designers for their ability to give me goosebumps every time I witness the magic they create. In particular, I want to specially mention Chris and Grace for not only trusting me, but inspiring me to trust my gut and make bold decision a theatre maker.




Jade has amassed over 20 years of professional singing and performs across the state regularly. She graduated university in 2005 with a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts (Theatre) and a Master of Teaching. Jade has most recently appeared in Reflections of Love with SPC both onstage and as Vocal Director and A Clockwork Orange with The Launceston Players. She has also performed in Launceston Musical Society’s productions of Rent, Avenue Q, Legally Blonde, Dusty: The Original Pop Diva, 9 to 5, Godspell and You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown and Jingled with Mudlark Theatre Company. Jade has previously worked with IO in Blank (Best supporting Actress Nominee), The Dark Room and Press Play to Start which was especially exciting as she was able to share the performance space with her children.

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A dynamic and flexible theatre practitioner with an MFA (Theatre) and Bachelor of Contemporary Arts (Honours). Leigh has been acting and directing at the community and professional level in Tasmania for the past two decades. Acting credits include The Dark Room, Red, Let the Right One In, Become the One (nominated Outstanding Lead Male Tasmanian Theatre Awards), The Nether, Very Still and Hard to See (IO), Accidental Death of an Anarchist, Of Mice and Men (Three River), One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Launceston Players), Savages (Per.sona/Mudlark), as well as IO’s Anatomy of a Suicide which won Outstanding Ensemble and Outstanding Production at the Tasmanian Theatre Awards. He is appearing later this year in Pity with IO Performance.

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Bryce believes it is an actors job to tear open their chest and let you see inside. His love of art comes from a desire to entertain and connect with people. Even just to make one person smile. He believes the arts say what words can’t. Every time we connect with an authentic piece of art, it sticks with us forever. Bryce believes that in a way it becomes part of us. The Effect is Bryce’s first time acting on stage since 2019. He has loved working with the team at IO, and sincerely hopes that this show has an effect on you.

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Sakura is a Tasmanian performer and creative, with a Bachelor of Contemporary Art from UTAS which she attained in 2020. Through her degree, she appeared in productions including I <3 … (2018), Lines (2018), Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America (2019), Polaroid Stories (2019) and Perfect Stranger (2020). She also appeared in Three River Theatre’s Gloria (2021), Launceston Players A Clockwork Orange (2023) and worked with Launceston Youth Theatre Ensemble as the Assistant Director to the Junior and Middle companies throughout 2021 and 2022.

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Adult themes, Sexual content, Coarse Language, Strobe, Mentions of suicide and Depression.


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